Conekcity is an integral service for mass events and venues that desire to obtain indicators and relevant statistics through the use of multiple digital platforms, offering solutions to different areas such as entertainment, tourism, health, mobility, renewable energy and education, among others.

Conekcity also offers the consultancy service to deploy smart tourism projects and smart cities development.

We actually coaches multiple governments and private companies to integrate the smart city vision into Mexico, Latin America and other countries of the world.

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Conekcity success stories

One the recent success stories of Conekcity is the integration of BLE technology for the benefit of smart mobile applications made by Ping Pong Innovation with the goal to generate interactive touristic offering experiences in Nuevo León Extraordinario.

Beacons are able to detect mobile devices, welcome the visitors to an event with a personalized message and offer them to download a mobile application that contains the full touristic agenda of any destination, as well as promote shops or services that can be obtained through the application.

As the Beacons are placed in different spots strategic of the city, anyone that crosses the threshold receives a push notification with relevant information, touristic or history explanations, offers, messages, events dates or promotions.

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