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Fasten Services is a platform for total management of mass events that allows to work with external data bases or with the data base of the attendees that bought their ticket through Fasten Ticket (a Ping Pong Innovation online ticketing service).

fasten services
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Fasten Service's characteristics

This platform delivers real time statistics of users’ assistances in a segmented way thanks to the velocity of the technology that involves the NFC chip.

The service during the event can include: registration (up to 7 seconds per person thanks to the NFC chip), support staff, structured cabling, food delivery logistics, baggage storing, wireless networks consultancy, assembling and disassembling, audiovisual sceneries planning and the delivery of data analyses according to the number of attendees and their categories.

If the organizer wants to, we can provide promotional products with NFC chip, like smart paper badges, laces, souvenirs and welcome kits, among other relevant products for the event.

This service includes the generation of recognitions or attendance certificates based on the organizer’s criteria.

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